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Photo Contest Rules

New for 2017 -- Two divisions of prize winners.

Popular Vote

  • $100 - First Place
  • $50 - Second Place
  • $25 - Third Place

Judge's Selections

  • $100 - First Place
  • $50 - Honorable Mention

Important Dates

Contest Begins - May 18th, 2017
Contest Ends - September 31th, 2017

General Rules

  • First and foremost this contest is for fun. Although the prize is VERY real, this contest is to help promote the beauty and scenery at Nolin Lake. Please keep things light hearted.
  • When submitting a photo, you acknowledge that you took the photo, and you own the rights to the photo.
  • When submitting a photo, you acknowledge that the photo could be used for promotional purposes in the future, and you grant a non-exclusive and restriction free license for the site owner ( Scott Hack and Finish Line Realty ) to use the photo in the future. Including promoting this contest.
  • When submitting a photo, you acknowledge that the photo may be used in printed form such as a calendar or photo book which could be offered for sale to the general public to help generate revenue for future prize funds.
  • Voting fraud will not be tolerated. If cheating is determined, the picture will be removed, and the participant will be disqualified.
  • Remember, this is for FUN! You can vote once per day!
  • You can submit up to three photos to the contest.
  • Images should depict or be closely related to Nolin Lake.

Contestants agree to accept prize money in one of three ways.

1. Via PayPal
2. Via an electronic gift card that may be emailed.
3. By picking up a check from the contest organizer in the 40056 zip code.

No checks will be mailed.