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Pretty Pictures

Friends and clients –

The unfortunate truth that summer is coming to an end is upon us. Mother nature has already started her transition with night time temps starting to get cooler, all while the days continue to get shorter and shorter.

Many of us are getting in our last weekends out on the lake before the Corp of Engineers begins the draw down from summer to winter pool. That draw down begins October 18th by the way, if you weren't aware. Although fall and winter offer ample opportunities for enjoying the beauty and serenity of the lake, for some people, this marks the end of their normal use of their lake home or cabin.

If you've been reflecting on this summer and have found that you didn't get to the lake as often as you wanted and are considering selling your place. Lets talk, and lets do it soon. If you are contemplating selling your place, we need to act NOW to go ahead and get some exterior photos taken at a minimum so we can present the property with the best foot forward. Pictures with green grass and leaves still on the trees are infinitely more pretty and appealing than drab winter photos.